There are many advantages of self employment.  If you are presently employed I do not suggest you quit your job and become self employed-you can do both, as many have done.  More & more people are seeing the wisdom of becoming self employed (as a dealer, distributor, &/or affiliate), for eventually several well established companies  while being employed, before they get laid-off.  Others do it to make extra money by helping others.     As far as I know, any citizen over 18 with a S.S. #  can become self employed as a dealer, affiliate, &/or distributor for as many companies as they like.  If you are employed, after becoming self employed you then get to file a Schedule C which will allow you to take business expense deductions.  If you use Amsoil synthetic lubricants & filters (especially as a dealer) &  hydrogen generators (why not at least 2?), in your car or truck that you use for business, then the IRS allows you mileage business expense that should more than compensate for your expenses for delivering.     Now that you have more money to work with each paycheck without having to work longer, why not invest 80% in your own business(es) & give 10-20% to charities wisely.  When you have some spare time, instead of wasting it, why not build yourself  a website & promote the companies you promote on YOUR website as I do?  For details click on: " Make a free website with YOLA"  at the bottom of this page.  You can get a lot of FREE info. about building a profitable website at DON'T have to pay to get the valuable info., but it is VERY time consuming!  You can Brainstorm for FREE for a month at:  the last time I checked.    Be blessed as you serve God by serving others by giving & investing wisely.     To order hydrogen generators (& other amazing products) explore:

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