You CAN Get Rich Quick even THRIVE if you DO WHAT IT TAKES.  One of the best ways is with multiple streams of residual income from at least several good mlm companies & affiliate marketing companies. If you will GIVE to the needy, like: &, as JESUS  prospers you, then you will THRIVE eventually, possibly sooner than you thought  possible.  But to get rich, prosper, or THRIVE, you must  help people that WANT  AND  NEED  help, as you have opportunity.  Ask God for wisdom & guidance, BUT you must be SURE you are a christian & in God's will.      My first mlm Co. I suggest you join IF YOU have already joined TriVita, is Amsoil. For Why EXPLORE:   To have us as your sponsor so we can help you Thrive for JESUS online, or offline, as many have already,  click on:  OPPORTUNITIES at Amsoil's site & give this info:  Wendell Ferrell, #52603.  Notice they have more than one division, & MANY AMAZING products for sale.  Their products are expensive, but remember that you get pretty much what you pay for & MANY of have SAVED MUCH TIME, TROUBLE & MONEY with AMSOIL products.  AMSOIL IS THE PIONEER AND LEADER in synthetic lubricants and Filters.  Why use anything less than THE BEST in an expensive vehicle?                                                            One easy way to THRIVE  online is to build a website & tell about good affiliate marketing companies & mlm companies like Amsoil.  As more & more people follow my instructions, I will be able to give more & more good advice to you & be able to give more & more to more & more good organizations.  Remember what happens when we put JESUS first, Others next, then Yourself; then we will have JOY.  But, we can Be JOYFUL & not be rich, But we CAN be joyful AND rich IF we do what it takes long enough. "Don't give up", my mon advised & so I advise you.  IF you have JESUS & put Him FIRST, & DO what HE wants, you WILL be JOYFUL & if you keep trying,  helping more & more people, that WANT & NEED help, in more & more ways with more & more mlm cos., how can you not eventually succeed- even Get Rich or THRIVE online ASAP???  BE JOYFUL & Rejoice & Be thankful!  More later, hopefully.  Please share this website with others, mainly for the glory of JESUS CHRIST!   You don't have to pay a lot of money to build a website.  This one is free so far.  I'll pay later for a professional website when I can afford it, if JESUS permits.  THX!      

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