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August 5, 2010
Of course, to THRIVE we have to make WISE INVESTMENTS.  Why not in "go green" products?  


August 5, 2010
More & more people are SAVING & THRIVING by  "going green"-- investing in go green products. IF you have SO much money that you are thinking of investing in Stocks &/or Bonds, REMEMBER the stock market has already CRASHED once  & there are MANY of us who believe it will again & SOON!  Why gamble?  IF you have why not get out BEFORE it is TOO LATE?  Also REMEMBER to follow the advise of:, eventually precious metals & stones will ONLY HAVE INTRINSIC value.  IF you are SUPER RICH, why not give to the poor as JESUS CHRIST commanded?  You don't have to go FIND them, just go to:, & etc.  Some have invested in expensive go green products in the past & have done OK, however, I advise investing VERY WISELY & PRAYFULLY in: & join AMAZING MLM COMPANIES!  Why not invest in YOUR OWN BUSINESS(ES) with me as your sponsor so we will be able to support more & more NEEDY charities that GOD would approve of?  THX!  Why not share this EXCITING INFO with others on Facebook or however?  I have, with GOD'S help, "invented" two AMAZING "go green" devices.  The first is a device that would make vehicles SAFER &  more EFFICIENT.  However,  I can't afford to make & market it. The other is a Super EFFICIENT SOLAR HEAT PUMP that needs NO compressor!  WHEN I get enough people to join my teams hopefully I can FINALLY get these much needed AMAZING INVENTIONS OF THE FUTURE available-at least so people can make their own.  Here is a website that can help SAVE FUEL:  I have dealership on a device that uses HHO for FUEL with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!   Much more expensive,of course.  One man stated that he over doubled his mpg with two.  Some would get only 40% increase with two according to internet research. 


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